ONLINE LECTURE - Tuesday June 22nd at 2:30 Via Zoom.

Nancy Stevens presented 'Scottish Gardens' - From 17th century Renaissance parterres to a garden of cosmic speculation. From General Eisenhower's 'holiday home' to the garden where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes acquired his extensive knowledge of poisonous plants. We viewed an artist's garden, an author’s garden, saw where Clive met Louise & Henrietta, and learned what the size of your walled garden says about your social status.

ONLINE LECTUREFriday May 28th, 2:30pm via Zoom.  Dr Ian Bedford talked about 'Companion Planting for a Balanced Garden.' This renowned entomologist entertained us with his enthusiasm and advice. 

ONLINE LECTURE - Friday April 9, 2:30pm via Zoom.

Dr David Marsh, garden historian, presented 'The Opposite of Chelsea: The Garden Festival at Chaumont-sur-Loire'. Like Chelsea, Chaumont hosts designed gardens every year, but on a shoestring budget, encouraging recycling and emphasizing the meaning behind the garden. The results are memorable and often humorous.

MEMBER’S GARDEN OPENING: National Garden Scheme

Sunday 25th April, 2:00pm - 6:00pm. Details HERE.  Tea, cakes, music and spring plantings. Visit this woodland garden at its peak, enjoy tea and cakes, music and the children's playground.

Arundel & Ladbroke Gardens, W11 2LW

ONLINE LECTURE - Tuesday March 9, 2:30pm via Zoom.

"A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever" - Japanese Gardens. Join Nancy Stevens as she takes us on a journey through Japan and their beautiful gardens. This lecture will cover the importance of gardens to the Japanese, how they use them, the different types, and the techniques employed within them.   It will answer the burning questions you have always wanted answered, such as why the Japanese gardeners of the 15th century were 'untouchables', what the wandering stream banquet is and what the connection with sake is, why Japanese bridges are so high and arched and which temple was burned down in 1950 by a mad monk - and much more.

ONLINE LECTURE - Thursday February 11, 2:30pm via Zoom.  

Timothy Walker, botanist and gardener presented the world premiere of 'SPRING INTO GARDENING AGAIN' –what to do and grow in the garden for a great spring display. Gardeners know that spring has arrived when there is too much to do in the time available. This talk looked at what needs to be done and when. Timothy also suggested some plants to grow for March to May.  It is based on his new small (100m2) garden where he has been gardening since 2014. Click HERE for his plant list. 

ONLINE LECTURE - Tuesday January 19th, 2:30pm via Zoom.  Dr Ian Bedford presented Garden Bugs: Cohabit, Control or Conserve? What are the good and bad garden bugs we often find in our gardens and what should we do with them? This renowned entomologist entertained us with his enthusiasm and advice. 

ONLINE LECTURE - Wednesday December 9th, 2:30 pm via Zoom. CITY GARDENS TOUR with Katie Wignall. There are over 300 green spaces within the small area of the City of London. Granted, some of these are tiny, but on this virtual tour we walked around hidden corners to discover the unexpected bursts of colour and space in the oldest part of London. Each oasis, however small in size, is packed with history and we uncovered their secrets! Katie is a Blue Badge Tourist Guide and founder of Look Up London. She specialises in sharing London's hidden gems. With a mix of video, google street view and images her virtual tour gives you immersive walks from the comfort of home.  Details of the gardens she discussed and her google map can be found HERE.

ONLINE LECTURE - Tuesday October 13th, 2:30 pm via Zoom. Timothy Walker, botanist and gardener presented his ideas on 'How to be a 21st Century Gardener.' 

ONLINE LECTURE - Tuesday August 11th, 2:30 pm via Zoom with Sandra Pullen, specialist in gardens, architecture and decorative arts of the 18th century. Horace Walpole was a keen amateur gardener whose own garden very much reflected the emerging trends of naturalism, and later romanticism in English 18th century garden design. During the 50 years Walpole owned Strawberry Hill he commissioned several well-known artists to record his house and garden. This talk used these 18th century watercolours to chart the history and development of the gardens and illustrate how in 2010 they helped inform the restoration. 

MEMBER’S GARDEN OPENING – National Garden Scheme -PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS GARDEN IS NOW OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  To arrange a visit call Harvey on ‭0208 969 8292 for more details.‬ Harvey Groffman, 57 St Quintin Avenue, W10 6NZ

ONLINE LECTURE - During lockdown we held our first online lecture via Zoom on June 9th with Timothy Walker, lecturer, botanist and gardener. We were delighted with members’ responses to our first Zoom lecture by Timothy Walker on American Gardens. Notes on the lecture and links to some of the gardens and plants he highlighted can be found HERE In case you missed the talk or would like to re-visit some of the gardens he mentioned, you can browse through them, albeit without Timothy’s expertise and wit.

ONLINE LECTURE - Stephen Anderton, garden writer for The Times spoke via Zoom about his own garden in the Black Mountains in Wales on July 14th.